Tahuamanu Amazon Redd Project

  • Nature conservation
Registered: VCS (V2502)

The proposed project is based on the enhancement and strengthening of the sustainable forest management of a consolidated group of forest concessions managed by a local company with long forest tradition, MADERACRE SAC, who also has previous successful experience with REDD+. The whole area managed by MADERACRE SAC, including the current proposed project area and others already VCS/CCB verified, are FSC certified, which guarantees that logging activities are being done under adequate techniques. The area faces increasing threats from unsustainable agrarian practices from neighbouring local religious communities and others. To deal with it, the project plans to combine an increase in protection measures (patrolling, working together with other forest concessions and the forest and political authorities) with the promotion of productive activities for neighbouring communities, as a strategy to offer alternative sources of income that do not imply the clearing of forest areas. Based on this approach, the project expects to reduce projected deforestation. The project is located in Madre de Dios, a region in the south-east of the Peruvian Amazon with the most accelerated deforestation rate of Peru.

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2023 Issuance 51,929
2023 Retirement 322
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