At Carby you are not just an investor.

You are the driving force behind our climate shift.

Our mission is to accelerate climate action by empowering emission-reducing projects with timely and fair funding through the sale of future carbon credits.

By connecting projects directly to final buyers, we are committed to fostering transparency and high standards in the voluntary carbon market, ensuring that every trade benefits both the environment and the local communities deeply invested in our planet’s future.

Carby’s mission statement


Carby’s pitch deck

Carby pioneers an innovative carbon futures market to close the funding gap impeding climate projects and limiting the carbon market’s potential.

Our plan

We are raising £250k (SEIS) with an aim to enter the market by early 2024.

  • Problem validation achieved through dozens of interviews with market users
  • Five-year financial forecast model crafted
  • Front-end development completed
  • Detailed 21-page technical specifications for the back-end finalized
  • Initiating back-end development with the upcoming funds
  • Hiring a multilingual onboarding team to accelerate project onboarding

Your support will be instrumental in ticking off the remaining items, enabling us to go to market, and reshaping the voluntary carbon market. Together, we aim to make a profound difference for our users and positively impact the local communities involved.

  • États-Unis d'Amérique
  • Nicaragua (Central America)
  • Indonésie
  • Québec Canada
  • Italie
  • Inde
  • Philippines (South East Asia)

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