Solar Energy Project(s) by Sb Energy Private Limited

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Registered: VCS (V1805)

This project was open for public comment from 24 September – 24 October 2018. No comments were received. The project activity will support the development of new grid-connected renewable energy power plants in India and will cover the solar energy technologies. It seeks to enable investment in large scale grid connected plants that export their generated output to the regional / national electricity grid in India. The electricity generated by renewable technology (solar PV) installed as part of the project activity will be supplied to the regional grid there by displacing the consumption of electricity from the regional grid electricity distribution system.

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Carbon credits

Year Type Quantity
2023 Retirement 1,397,059
2023 Issuance 1,788,472
2022 Retirement 3,130,410
2022 Issuance 3,142,587
2021 Retirement 104,213
2020 Issuance 807,359
2019 Retirement 378,460
2019 Issuance 1,198,190
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