Redd Project in Brazil Nut Concessions in Madre De Dios, Peru

  • Nature conservation
Registered: VCS (V868)

BAM has entered into a long term partnership with the Madre de Dios Federation of Brazil nut Concessioners (FEPROCAMD) aimed at preventing deforestation and preserving environmental integrity on 300,000 hectares of concession land in high quality rainforest. The project is helping to establish initiatives which will increase both the value of the healthy forest and the income generated through sustainable Brazil nut harvesting, empowering concessioners to protect and maintain their forest. Currently, concessioners’ activity is limited to subsistence Brazil nut collection and, in a very few cases, subsistence forestry. The long-term wellbeing of concessioners and their families is highly dependent on the health of local ecosystems, but they have few resources with which to protect their concessions. Illegal deforestation on concession land has increased due to the new InterOceanic Highway, which passes through Madre de Dios. The construction of this road has brought unusually high numbers of migrants to the area, many of whom use concession land to fulfill their housing and work needs. There have been significant increases in unsustainable, illegal, small-scale agriculture and logging.

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Year Type Quantity
2023 Issuance 609,700
2023 Retirement 505,828
2022 Issuance 5,364,118
2022 Retirement 558,246
2021 Issuance 4,197,350
2021 Retirement 2,813,383
2020 Issuance 2,419,039
2020 Retirement 1,575,219
2019 Issuance 1,270,897
2019 Retirement 920,159
2018 Issuance 1,107,308
2018 Retirement 246,104
2017 Issuance 62,767
2017 Retirement 335,880
2016 Issuance 743,836
2016 Retirement 131,933
2015 Issuance 7,707
2015 Retirement 68,447
2014 Issuance 411,983
2014 Retirement 88,987
2013 Issuance 30,907
2013 Retirement 23,231
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