Delta Blue Carbon – 1

  • Wetlands
Registered: VCS (V2250)

The project is designed to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation, conserve and maintain biodiversity, improve livelihoods of local communities, ensure coastal areas protection and create alternative livelihoods. This a 60-years project renewable for up to 100 years and is being implemented over an area of 350,000 ha in the Districts of Thatta and Sujawal in the Indus Delta Area, Sindh Province, Pakistan. The project will deliver GHG removals through afforestation/reforestation/revegetation of 226,000 ha of degraded Tidal wetlands..

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Carbon credits

Year Type Quantity
2023 Issuance 0
2023 Retirement 599,315
2022 Issuance 3,147,440
2022 Retirement 69,441
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